Weddings | Peter Kay: Live at the Manchester Arena Download

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  • May 14, 2020

  • Peter perfectly demonstrates what every family member is like at a wedding. From the dance floor to the buffet. From Peter Kay: Live at the Manchester Arena: The ever -popular Peter Kay returns with another comedy special of his 'Mum wants a new Bungalow' tour. Welcome to the Official Peter Kay YouTube channel! Bringing you all the best moments from stand up to sitcoms! Subscribe here: #PeterKay #StandUp


  • Maxmatt
    Maxmatt 3 months ago (edited)

    Oh God, I just remembered. Six years ago at my sisters wedding, I was the drunken dickhead with the tie on his head. It didn’t work, I didn't score any of the bridesmaids. My sister was already pregnant so technically, I was uncle knobhead.

  • Paul Walker
    Paul Walker 3 months ago

    He doesn't tell jokes ,just talks about life really ,that's why its so funny .

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 3 months ago

    You can relate to pretty much everything that comes out his mouth that’s why i think he’s brilliant

  • nanettemclean5
    nanettemclean5 3 months ago

    Who is watching this in a crazy pandemic 2020...MISS YOU PETER X

  • Charlie H
    Charlie H 4 months ago

    The way he observes human nature is incredible that's what makes him one of the best comedians ever

  • Mark Flute
    Mark Flute 1 week ago

    Used to hate having to wait for the DJ to say “the buffet is ready, the buffet is ready!”

  • Beth Honeywell
    Beth Honeywell 1 month ago

    The 'walking to the dancefloor' dance brings me so much joy for some reason

  • SaintPhoeniix
    SaintPhoeniix 4 months ago

    I hope Uncle Knobhead is doing okay.

  • Dave Fletcher
    Dave Fletcher 4 months ago

    Everything he says is what we all went thew but didn't realise how funny our life was great guy

  • mini mobile review
    mini mobile review 3 months ago

    this man is a true British Treasure

  • Kate's Philippine Adventures Fun

    observational comedy at it's best. A master at work

  • Erin
    Erin 4 months ago

    why is this exactly what every wedding DJ sounds like

  • artfulsaladdodger
    artfulsaladdodger 3 months ago

    Grandma sounds alarmingly like Johnny Vegas

  • Dan Selinger
    Dan Selinger 4 months ago

    I watch Peter Kay and I feel genuinely happy! Smiling from cheek to cheek. A gem of a human being

  • Michael Apichella
    Michael Apichella 4 months ago

    Ive seen all the things he mentioned at every wedding ive been to

  • T-Bag
    T-Bag 4 months ago

    Face ache, because I'm laughing and smiling the whole way through.

  • Kathleen Rayner
    Kathleen Rayner 4 months ago

    First time I’ve ever seen Peter. Wow. Love from Australia 🥰🥰🥰

  • J. Sanders
    J. Sanders 2 months ago

    So funny! His observations on everyday life are what makes me laugh so much. It's us! Clever and funny man.

  • Ray Jennings
    Ray Jennings 4 months ago

    This guy is just unbelievable. What a star he is. He knows what we're all like and can describe us to a T and he knows it, which is why he says, "... you know who you are."

  • Linda Radford
    Linda Radford 3 months ago

    He really is brilliant the best.