Ulimi umembomoa?: Kauli za Murkomen kabla kupoteza wadhifa wake kwa Poghisio Download

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  • May 11, 2020

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  • abbuh c
    abbuh c 5 months ago

    There's nothing wrong here.he's speaking the truth

  • Caleb Oduor
    Caleb Oduor 5 months ago

    Wembe ni ule ule na sasa inanyoa wenyewe. Pole Murkomen, pole Kihika, karibuni upinzani😊😊😊

  • kelvin wairiuko
    kelvin wairiuko 5 months ago

    i see murkomen somewhere in the future, he is the most outspoken leader....

  • Philip Macharia
    Philip Macharia 5 months ago

    Free speech hakuna na hiyo ndio democracy

  • Denis Murimi
    Denis Murimi 5 months ago

    I like your courage Bro....we are going far

    JULIUS NJOROGE 5 months ago

    But he said right.everyone has right of expression

  • Ithe Wa Kûi
    Ithe Wa Kûi 5 months ago

    Murkomen is one of a kind,speaking your mind isn't "slipping of the tongue " But standard group is working for the system. .I'm not surprised!

  • regina wambui
    regina wambui 5 months ago

    Perfect speech👌👍

  • TruthNews Informers
    TruthNews Informers 5 months ago

    KTN if you continue with this kind of reporting we will rename you as KABARAK TRUSH NEWS. You are too unprofessional.

  • Daniel Wachiori
    Daniel Wachiori 5 months ago

    Its unfortunate being led by a government that its leaders r thugs when u stand fr whau u believe they feel rattled its a failed government

  • max mum
    max mum 5 months ago (edited)

    Hii nikupiganisha kenya sioni makosa wa mefanya wakatolewa mimi

    DR NAF TV 5 months ago

    This government is a scam.....

  • Philip Gidali
    Philip Gidali 5 months ago

    He supported the system even when it was wrong, Orengo even warned him, let him reap the fruits of his labour.

  • 7th Estate
    7th Estate 5 months ago

    Murkomen is just another child of maumau who the black colonialist cant allow his star to outshine their dynastic darkness

  • stylishdu
    stylishdu 5 months ago

    It's not about position,it's about what a man stand for

  • Kaka
    Kaka 5 months ago

    They have confirmed the truth sir.Keep it up.

  • Suz Last
    Suz Last 5 months ago

    We will stand with Murkomen and Kihika they have done nothing wrong the truth have been spoken.

    UNIQUE CRITICAL 5 months ago

    Its a banana republic led by thieves and corrupted bunch

    JULIUS NJOROGE 5 months ago

    Uhuru is ungrateful

  • starrixxi
    starrixxi 5 months ago

    To be very honest I think Uhuru is trying to remove the rotten out of the system before his term ends😌