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  • May 15, 2020

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  • TC Candler
    TC Candler 4 months ago

    You fall in love with women once. You fall in love with Tzuyu every single time.

  • t e d d y b e a r
    t e d d y b e a r 4 months ago

    I really hope that tzuyu can become an actress and a model in a future

  • Rosè
    Rosè 4 months ago

    She looks like a cute doll with bangs and I'm living for it

  • Kassandra Lama
    Kassandra Lama 4 months ago (edited)

    Tzuyu is like a medicine that will make your pain go away

  • Michelle
    Michelle 4 months ago

    Am i the only one who watches this everyday?

  • laura queen
    laura queen 4 months ago

    so that's what people see when they go to heaven

  • 1
    1 4 months ago

    Don’t forget she’s not only visual 🌸

  • Chewie Wans
    Chewie Wans 4 months ago

    Tzuyu is really a goddess

  • TAIWAN Curry
    TAIWAN Curry 4 months ago

    Tzuyu, lovely Taiwanese singer❤️

  • tzuyu TuPatrona
    tzuyu TuPatrona 4 months ago

    3M Fast Tzuyu Stan

  • Yasuo Katarina
    Yasuo Katarina 4 months ago (edited)

    Tzuyu Fans: Her teaser will probably be the last.

  • Afika Nuraprillia Dwi putri

    Tzuyu is very natural she didn't change her hair and also se did not use contact lense

  • 郭天得
    郭天得 4 months ago


  • Kejukeju
    Kejukeju 4 months ago

    She is very innocent, and she always got hates with no reason, idk why peoples always like that. There is nothing wrong born with a beautiful face. We must protect her all cost 💙 Her heart is too pure for this cruel world. We love you so much tzuyu, even she always get mistreated with this company.

  • seashells 7
    seashells 7 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that there's a vast choice of career opportunities to twice members when they retire? Tzuyu could be an actress/model, with a charm like that, she would surely conquer the modelling industry, with onces supporter her

  • Firenix
    Firenix 4 months ago

    Stop writing kind comments about Tzuyu

  • Lin Ch
    Lin Ch 4 months ago


  • wejden tzuyu once
    wejden tzuyu once 4 months ago

    I'm little dissapointed because jyp always give a mistreatment to tzuyu dressing i don't know why but after all she is still slaying anything even with a simple outfit

  • Astra Sinclair
    Astra Sinclair 4 months ago

    Tzuyu beautiful inside and out. Talented, hard working, humble

  • Canan unl
    Canan unl 4 months ago

    She is a princess. YOU SO PRETTY TZUYU!