The untold story of Fille part 4: Kats was selfish to let out his status, Fille breaks down in tears Download

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  • May 17, 2020

  • #FilleMutoni #KaritasKarisimbi #NBSChatRoom


  • Kansiime Anne
    Kansiime Anne 4 months ago

    Karitas you have a such a huge heart mukazi. As for Fille.... Such a rock. 🖤

  • Kansiime Anne
    Kansiime Anne 4 months ago

    Wabula I think am dehydrated from crying and anxiety 🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Kansiime Anne
    Kansiime Anne 4 months ago

    Fille, Fille, Fille I cnt wait to listen to this album.

  • Edward Isyagi
    Edward Isyagi 4 months ago

    This is more important for us men to watch, we have alot of things to learn on how to be better and treat people around us better. As a man I apologise

  • Asaba Atenyi
    Asaba Atenyi 4 months ago

    Karitas the way you interviewed fille is so professional, you should get an award for that wow

  • New Linner Events
    New Linner Events 4 months ago

    Karitas should skool all Ugandan interviewers about how to do a proper interview. She's born to do this.

  • sumie kayz
    sumie kayz 4 months ago (edited)

    😭😭My fille

  • Doreen Katusiime
    Doreen Katusiime 4 months ago (edited)

    You will never know how strong u are until when being strong is the only option!

  • David Mpagi
    David Mpagi 4 months ago

    Fille's daughter is very lucky to have such a mom

  • Hustlers on Top
    Hustlers on Top 4 months ago

    I wish Joan Lule and others learn from karitas to interact and interviews people

  • Shadia Andezu
    Shadia Andezu 4 months ago

    I love the interviewer she is so professional

  • Angella Marion
    Angella Marion 4 months ago

    Be strong dear...I hate seeing a fellow woman's tears coz we go through alot but life continues...May God see you through

    JACKIE TUSIIME 4 months ago


  • Samuel Ouga
    Samuel Ouga 4 months ago

    I watched this and couldn’t hold back my tears. I feel Phille’s pain. She so mature and deserves so much more. I was at Blue Ice Bar in Namungongo when Phille came to perform. She was introduced by MC Kats claimed that he single handedly was responsible for Phille’s success. It was the most stupid and belittled the mother of his daughter.

  • Nassazi Ridha
    Nassazi Ridha 4 months ago

    I can see nalongo trying to be as polite as possible.....that is very nice of you karitas.....Fille is strong.....not the humble gal we started with

  • Doreen Asiimwe
    Doreen Asiimwe 4 months ago

    Oh dear dear Karitas you’re truly a good listener and a professional interviewer I see the Oprah in you . And fille love thanks for being strong 💪

  • Honey N
    Honey N 4 months ago

    We share the same story fille that's why I can't control my tears..

  • Peace Namulondo
    Peace Namulondo 4 months ago

    A woman is like a tea bag u can't tell how strong she is until u put her in hot water. Strong,fearless n beautiful kudos to u Fille n Karitas u have a special place in heaven 👏👏👏👏

  • liz Champ
    liz Champ 4 months ago

    Hope she’s not hiv positive all my prayers are with you my mutoni don’t cry anymore you’re a blessing in disguise

  • Jbs Jb
    Jbs Jb 4 months ago

    The interviewer is so professional. She might be a Therapist