The queen is pregnant and the emperor is very happy! Download

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  • May 8, 2020

  • 該視頻片段來源於電視劇 【歡迎訂閲】 小喬追劇: 【點我】 #小喬追劇 #漂亮丫鬟 #紫禁紅牆 【劇名】延禧攻略——Story of Yanxi Palace 【劇情簡介】該劇講述了宮女瓔珞憑勇往直前的勇氣、機敏靈活的頭腦、寬廣博大的胸懷,化解宮廷上下的重重困難,最終成為襄助乾隆盛世的令貴妃的故事。 【主演】吳謹言、秦嵐、聶遠、佘詩曼、蘇青 【更多精彩視頻】 【陸】淺情人不識 | 欲火成詩 【伍】紅塵紛擾 | 桃花一笑 【肆】獨孤女孩 | 獨步天下 【三】情陷後宮 | 百鳥爭鳳 【貳】遇見花開 | 情深似海 【壹】念念不忘 | 必有回響 YXGL


  • 小乔追劇
    小乔追劇 3 months ago

    This video comes from “Story of Yanxi Palace”(

  • Kayan
    Kayan 5 months ago

    The look on the Empress Dowager face when Physician Ye told them that Consort Ling is pregnant is like “damn I can’t kill her.” 😂

  • 楊承語
    楊承語 5 months ago


  • Rhonda Lamb
    Rhonda Lamb 2 months ago

    What is the name of this tune please love it.

  • Cathy Montesa
    Cathy Montesa 3 weeks ago

    Actually! The emperor miss We Yinglou so much

  • bellabana
    bellabana 5 months ago

    The Emperor & Wei Lingluo love each other, so sweet. It’s telling how the Emperor played Lingluo at her game by making her jealous and having her think that she’d lost him, very clever of him.

  • Ana Calzada
    Ana Calzada 21 hours ago

    where can I see this episode from the beginning

  • Cinders Vale
    Cinders Vale 5 months ago

    He may be the emperor, but he has got the green-eyed monster of jealousy right there whispering in the back of his mind. Plus some guilt about the fact that he stole someone's love away from them.

  • 陈文辉
    陈文辉 5 months ago


  • 黃靜靜
    黃靜靜 4 months ago


  • ghorl stfu
    ghorl stfu 2 days ago


  • nea gomes
    nea gomes 3 months ago

    Amo durma mais poderia ser em pt

  • Nikko Bali
    Nikko Bali 5 months ago

    I don’t know how many times I watch this clip again and again 😀

  • Yu Ni Chen
    Yu Ni Chen 2 weeks ago


  • Rhonda Lamb
    Rhonda Lamb 4 weeks ago

    Darn they are good actors put so much feeling into it.

  • Yajhaira Perez
    Yajhaira Perez 1 week ago

    Fuheng and Yingluo for life!

  • 楦楦
    楦楦 5 months ago


  • RustyAnne Yakel
    RustyAnne Yakel 5 months ago

    How on earth did I get hooked on this show???????

  • Sharon Amomas
    Sharon Amomas 1 week ago

    Yong tuwang tuwa siya pero kakaiba ang lambing niya hahahha d ako maka move on

  • Face Book
    Face Book 5 months ago

    靠邀咧 這前年戲劇的片段 為啥還有這些點閱率呢 也太瞎