Sanaipei Tande - Mdaka Mdakiwa (Official Video) [Skiza: 8549321] Download

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  • May 13, 2020

  • Mdaka Mdakiwa turns the tables and suggests approaching things from a different/new perspective. An out of the box kind of thinking where a lady can make her intentions known to a rather conservative man who reciprocates her feelings yet without emasculating him. To Set “Mdaka Mdakiwa” as your Skiza Tune, SMS “SKIZA 8549321” to 811. Song: Mdaka Mdakiwa Artist: Sanaipei Tande Video: Mhando Brian Audio: House of Dillie Production Company: Onfon Productions Year: 2020 SANAIPEI TANDE CONTACTS Email - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Website - Coming Soon


  • Eric Geovanni
    Eric Geovanni 5 months ago

    She is from Kenya just in case you thought only Bongo has sweet Swahili ballads 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

    ONLINE COMMUNITY KE 5 months ago

    Hii ni mziki imeenda shule.

  • Kello V
    Kello V 5 months ago

    if you trully understand what sanaipei says hit a like

  • jacklyn sarah
    jacklyn sarah 5 months ago

    Sanaipei is so underrated. We need to appreciate her . She's an icon and never disappoints.

  • Rhoda Kivunano
    Rhoda Kivunano 3 months ago

    The most underrated female artist in Kenya ! Support Local artists 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

  • Betty Betty
    Betty Betty 4 months ago

    Sanaipei Tande is my favourite Kenyan female musician, she has the vocals, but is soo underrated 😐

  • Agrippina Mwangi
    Agrippina Mwangi 3 months ago

    Maybe if we give her millions of views she'll be no longer underrated

  • mungai macharia
    mungai macharia 4 months ago

    Mdaka mdakiwa Lyrics

  • Lucky Moyeni
    Lucky Moyeni 4 months ago

    Can someone please help me with the lyrics in English ...i am in South Africa and i rely on the comment section for the interpretation of her songs 😭😭😭😭

  • Isaac Munyao
    Isaac Munyao 1 month ago

    I heard this song playing in my neighbor's house, and had to knock and ask the name to look for it asap, it a nice creation, I love it.

  • gamesfrontie legends
    gamesfrontie legends 5 months ago (edited)

    She got a clean voice like she doesn't have to stretch it out her songs are always peaceful

  • Diana Gichimu
    Diana Gichimu 3 weeks ago


  • Valerie Shinia
    Valerie Shinia 5 months ago

    Hopefully one day she will find aman who will know her worth and will witness the beautiful union Amen💗🙏

  • Sylvia Mucha
    Sylvia Mucha 5 months ago

    Since those Coca-Cola pop star days , you've never disappointed. Gal you can act and sing so beautifully.

  • Pius Magoya
    Pius Magoya 5 months ago

    Ladies if hes taking too long to propose.....bend the damn knee ask him to marry you....aaii kwani iko nini its 2020 for petes sake😂😂😂

  • Hussein Hassan
    Hussein Hassan 5 months ago

    There is only one problem with this has an end!😢😢

  • Anne Nicola Wangui
    Anne Nicola Wangui 5 months ago

    Love your lyrics ... Basically talking about women who are into men instead of the other way round...indeed things have changed bah in real sense A man loves, not loved that's y it's difficult to sustain relationships coz if he ain't into you he ain't.Period!!!! Kwanini mdaka asiwe mdakiwa!!! My ✌️ cents. Love you Sana😘

  • Rodgers Otana
    Rodgers Otana 5 months ago

    J Lo wa Africa. This lady doesn't get old. And I have never realized she has a nice figure as well

  • denno zing
    denno zing 5 months ago (edited)

    who else feels the song is too short..we need more sanaipei pliiiz😭😭😭😭

  • Josephine Kitmet
    Josephine Kitmet 5 months ago

    Her voice literally gives me goosebumps