Making a GOOGOL:1 Reduction with Lego Gears Download

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  • May 16, 2020

  • Building a long gear train using 186 Lego gears. Many different types of Lego gears are used. Enjoy! Inspired by Daniel de Bruin's "universe's biggest gear reduction": The finished gear ratio: 10341796308487334800992832804222885104773611498499997696000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000:1 or 1.0342e100:1 or 1.034 GOOGOL:1 Rotation time for the last gear: 52433879932503535381614991275498187972589101825233846406570841889117043121149897330595482546 years or 5.2434e91 years Formula for the gear ratio: 24/8 * 40/8 * 40/8 * 40/8 * 60/1 * 12/1 * 168/1 * (140 / 8 + 1) * 141 * 20/12 * (40/8)^20 * 20/12 * (24/1)^20 * 56/16 * (36/1)^10 * (40/1)^18 * 15/9 * 56/1 List of gears used: 27x Gear 8 Tooth [3647] 1x Gear Expert Builder 9 Tooth [g9] 6x Gear 12 Tooth Bevel [6589] 2x Gear 12 Tooth Double Bevel [32270] 1x Gear Expert Builder 15 Tooth [g15] 1x Gear 16 Tooth [94925] 2x Gear 20 Tooth Bevel [32198] 23x Gear 24 Tooth [3648] 10x Gear 36 Tooth Double Bevel [32498] 49x Gear 40 Tooth [3649] 2x Turntable Large Type 2 [48452cx1] 1x Turntable Large Type 3 [18939 / 18938] 8x Gear Rack 11 x 11 Curved [24121] 1x Gear, Hailfire Droid Wheel [x784] 1x Gear Worm Screw, Short [27938] 51x Gear Worm Screw, Long [4716] For those wondering, the visual effect I used in the end montage is called Find Edges, comes with Adobe Premiere 14. Music (used with permission): Alpha Centauri B by Anders Enger Jensen


  • Timon Di Mare
    Timon Di Mare 3 weeks ago

    Now put the motor on the back end and watch the first gear spinning at the speed of light

  • Chin Doge
    Chin Doge 1 week ago

    Everybody gangsta till the minifig does a full rotation

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams 1 day ago

    Imagine waiting billions of years just to realise that you’d set it up wrong

  • fireandcopper
    fireandcopper 2 days ago

    A tabletop art piece that instantly instills a sense of existential dread

  • Dayzik
    Dayzik 1 month ago

    At this point he's just flexing with all those Lego gears he's got

  • jack z
    jack z 1 week ago (edited)

    this man: actual math and engineering

  • brian wong
    brian wong 1 week ago (edited)


  • J1010H
    J1010H 1 week ago

    This should be the clock we use to define an eternity

  • Imię Nazwisko
    Imię Nazwisko 4 days ago

    2 things that will be forever:

    BROJAK HORSEMALE 1 month ago (edited)

    FUN FACT: If this machine was turned on at the birth of the universe 14 billion years ago, that lego angel still wouldn't even have turned 1% of 1 degree.

  • Furkan ÇOLAK
    Furkan ÇOLAK 3 days ago (edited)

    Instead of using clock I'd prefer to make ship engine with this much torque.

  • Darkowl 57
    Darkowl 57 1 day ago

    "This will make one rotation every 5.2x10^95 years"

  • Chong Ching
    Chong Ching 5 days ago

    Imagine this man building a time machine made out of Legos.

  • Judd Taiba
    Judd Taiba 2 days ago

    This guy has more LEGO’s than I have brain cells

  • astrodogdog
    astrodogdog 3 days ago

    A machine that theoretically is capable of moving, but in practice never will.

  • Never Snows
    Never Snows 6 days ago

    "Do you want torque? Yeah, i have some of that"

  • William Bouchard
    William Bouchard 3 weeks ago

    Legends says that this marked the beginning of the last countdown.

  • sw4gr1d
    sw4gr1d 2 days ago (edited)

    Imagine if this was spinning for your entire lifetime

  • 1000subsnovideos
    1000subsnovideos 1 month ago

    The universe won't exist when this thing finally does one full rotation

  • 김경수 0202
    김경수 0202 3 days ago

    Queen Elizabeth after watching it spin finally: ok lets try it again