Joe Rogan Experience #1470 - Elon Musk Download

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  • May 7, 2020

  • Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer.


  • Josh Fugate
    Josh Fugate 4 months ago

    Elon and Joe, I am a quadriplegic. I had a C5 spinal cord injury on June 18th, 2018. I’m paralyzed and have no movement in my fingers, triceps, or anything from the chest down. I can feel pressure in some places, but have no sense of temperature when it comes to below my injury. I have no bowel or bladder function either. Apart from that, I’m currently 20 and a freshman at Indiana University. Is there anywhere I can try and petition or sign up to help you with the trial? I am healthy and young with a sharp mind and I’d be willing to assist in any possible way I can. I also have a few questions, you reference the device interfacing into the motor cortex of the brain, but the injury is in the spinal cord which is not part of the brain. The information transmitting from my motor cortex is still working because I can still move my head and shoulders but not my legs because my spinal cord’s neurons being damaged is what is blocking the information from my motor cortex. So I’m confused on how it would repair limb functionality in quadriplegia based on the brain alone. My twitter is josh_fugate13 please reach out if you can! Thank you!

  • [revive project]
    [revive project] 1 month ago

    Elon talks like he is tripping in another dimension and tries to focus on reality

  • Anthony Mossop
    Anthony Mossop 4 weeks ago

    Elon's shower thoughts must be insane

  • Piyu Sarkar
    Piyu Sarkar 1 day ago (edited)

    When he said 5 I thought he's gonna say hundred. I don't wanna stop talking in 5yrs 😂

  • Potion Seller
    Potion Seller 3 weeks ago

    Only Joe could interview Elon Musk. He’s really good at keeping the conversation from becoming awkward.

  • Lex Fridman
    Lex Fridman 4 months ago

    "Babies are awesome.

  • Side Kickz
    Side Kickz 3 weeks ago

    Elon seems to have learned how to talk/act human better since last time.

  • Donald Bybee
    Donald Bybee 3 days ago

    Joe: Do you even have free time?

  • AnonX
    AnonX 3 weeks ago

    My intuition tells me Elon is withholding 80% of his information.

  • jpzeller27
    jpzeller27 2 weeks ago

    Joe -" do you like ice fishing?"

  • Jatin Kumar
    Jatin Kumar 4 months ago


    RUREDY2ROK 4 days ago

    I like how Elon always seems spaced out but hes actually a genius.

  • TK Kirkland
    TK Kirkland 3 weeks ago

    Joe" You can always buy new stuff ... I mean with the money you have from selling your old stuff" Joe says this to a 100 Billionaire ...

  • Anatolia
    Anatolia 2 days ago

    This man is talking about curing so many diseases and ailments here with the neurolink technology. It's amazing knowing we're getting the chance to witness basically the real life Zefram Cochran of our generation.

  • Living The Dream TV
    Living The Dream TV 4 weeks ago


  • Madtanker
    Madtanker 4 months ago

    Joe: "Have you ever been ice fishing?"

  • Terry Salas
    Terry Salas 4 days ago

    1 movie and one netflix show spring to mind "In Time" and "Altered Carbon"

  • Silent Swordsman
    Silent Swordsman 1 month ago

    Tesla stock over 2000 now, cause unlike other businesses worried about financial numbers, this guy worries about innovation.

  • Clayton Barker
    Clayton Barker 1 month ago

    I was thinking about cleaning my room. But then I decided my time and resources would be better allocated attempting to get us to Mars.

  • ibrahim uygun
    ibrahim uygun 1 day ago

    self note: watch this - David Ickes 2nd and 3rd interview