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  • Mar 13, 2020

  • HOW NOT TO MAKE CHEESE 👕 Carpet merch here: Watch my Cooking videos: Subscribe: | 🔔Make sure to enable ALL push notifications!🔔 Boris attempts to take a shortcut at making cheese. Normally cheese takes 4-16 weeks to mature, even for a semi-hard cheese like the Russian cheese, mentioned in this video. But here is another way Boris found in someone's babushka's sister's scrapbook journal cookbook from a shady Russian webforum. Attempts were made. It's something. Enjoy. Music in background: uamee - MILKING IT [HARDBASS] Follow Life of Boris: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Watch more Life of Boris: Cooking: Gaming: Slav Lifestyle: Newest Videos: Popular Videos: Grab Life of Boris Merch: Support on Patreon: About Life of Boris: Welcome to the official Life of Boris YouTube channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of Gaming, Cooking, Reviews, Animation and Tutorials content, including Slav games, GTA gameplay, Live gaming, On a Budget recipes, Slav cooking, How to Make guides, Country Reviews, Car Reviews and animated content. Intro music: Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits Outro music: Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  • Niix.
    Niix. 7 months ago

    "My expectations are low, but they can always go lower."

  • Gnarled H2O47
    Gnarled H2O47 6 months ago

    I saw a Gordon Ramsey ad before this and I was like:

  • J NS
    J NS 6 months ago

    I love how he blames Vadim for literally everything.

  • Nana Dolo
    Nana Dolo 6 months ago

    me: "mom we need to buy cheese"

  • Laurynas Kertenis
    Laurynas Kertenis 6 months ago

    Boris: this cheese is as strong as soviet economy

  • Jdskjddnksoxwkdmxm
    Jdskjddnksoxwkdmxm 7 months ago

    No cheeki breeki outro???

  • Mr. Hexalia
    Mr. Hexalia 6 months ago

    The Russian old woman cursive looks like a child took a pen and guessed what cursive writing was.

  • Joseph Harold
    Joseph Harold 6 months ago

    I fear no man, but that thing

  • Onigiree
    Onigiree 5 months ago (edited)

    "What is the best before on this thing?"

  • Blue Shell
    Blue Shell 6 months ago (edited)


  • BSM 2
    BSM 2 7 months ago

    In Britain, we name cheeses after their location(Cheddar, Stilton), so the British name for this cheese is "Shady Russian forum"

  • Pedro Piva Pinheiro Jardim


  • San-day
    San-day 6 months ago

    He is the Russian HowToBasic except when nothing goes wrong.

  • Gentle
    Gentle 5 months ago


  • Julien Guzman
    Julien Guzman 5 months ago (edited)

    Idk why you saying "Ay Blyaaa" the way you did sounded so cute 🤣🤣

  • Random Oats
    Random Oats 7 months ago (edited)


  • Sky Sweeper
    Sky Sweeper 6 months ago

    "This was a mistake"

  • Lunical
    Lunical 5 months ago


  • Огурчик Рик
    Огурчик Рик 6 months ago

    2020 год:

  • Tanner Hutcheson
    Tanner Hutcheson 4 months ago (edited)