GHOST MEOWSCLES COMES BACK TO LIFE?! (A Fortnite Short Film) Download

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  • May 12, 2020

  • 🡆 Make sure to SUBSCRIBE! - 🡆 Use code NEWSCAPEPRO in the Fortnite Item Shop! In a strange plane of existence, Skye meets with Vex, one half of Fusion’s whole. He explains that she can keep his brother Xev’s powers for herself, or give them to another. She thinks about Meowscles, and makes a difficult choice. Meanwhile, Rox, Midas and Rue react to the aftermath of their assault on Steamy Stacks. Not enough for you? Subscribe to our other channels! ► NEWSCAPEPRO 2 | Fortnite Minigames & More! - ► NEWSCAPEPRO 3 | More Fortnite Shorts, Films & Skits! - ► NEWSCAPEPRO 4 | Fortnite Minigames & Challenges! - ► NEWSCAPEPRO | Minecraft Roleplays & More! - ► DR. MINECRAFT M.D. | Minecraft News & Updates! - Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and share to show your support for this channel! Follow me here & here for all sorts of cool stuff! ► STORE: 👕👚🕶 ► TWITTER: 🐤 ► INSTAGRAM: 📸 Featuring: ► #Subscribe #NewScapePro


  • Brezzy
    Brezzy 5 months ago

    Never clicked so fast Im my life

  • Angry Birds X Pvz
    Angry Birds X Pvz 5 months ago (edited)

    Everyone’s complaining and cares so much about skye and meowscles. No one even noticed Brutus 😞 1 like = 1 RIP for Brutus. EDIT: Thanks for all the likes guys, it means a lot!

  • Spencer Hughes
    Spencer Hughes 5 months ago (edited)

    I was super surprised that meowscles came back but then I cried when they had to tell meowscles that Skye was gone

  • Phillip The Gamer Duck
    Phillip The Gamer Duck 5 months ago

    Everyone: bring meowscles back

  • Topixed
    Topixed 5 months ago

    Chaos Agent and Kevin The Cube, good mix.

  • Withered Bonnie
    Withered Bonnie 5 months ago (edited)


  • Joe Hamilton
    Joe Hamilton 5 months ago

    Meowcles: well we're is she?

  • TheCheekenKing
    TheCheekenKing 5 months ago

    I can’t believe how interesting this storyline is and how even after the cliffhangers you still want to watch. This series should never stop because it is keeping us viewers on the edge of our seats

  • Abc Xyz
    Abc Xyz 5 months ago (edited)

    Wait, wasn't Midas golden?

  • Harry OMG
    Harry OMG 5 months ago

    When Skye kills Fusion it gives me Endgame vibes

  • Lochie Gamer
    Lochie Gamer 5 months ago (edited)

    Everyone: Crying everyone is dead

  • Ur Daily Muffin
    Ur Daily Muffin 5 months ago

    Beginning of the video: Meowscles is back to life

  • #Dare to face
    #Dare to face 5 months ago

    Let's be honest, no one really "dies" here. They just go back to the lobby and are waiting for server.😂😂😂

  • Adi Daga
    Adi Daga 5 months ago

    Peely: wears shadow style and works for ghost.

  • Banana B0i
    Banana B0i 5 months ago

    Everyone when a character dies:*cries*

  • GTL - Gaming, Vlogs, and more!
    GTL - Gaming, Vlogs, and more! 5 months ago (edited)

    It’s funny how everyone cares so much about Skye and Meowscles but everybody pretty much forgot about Brutus.

  • Kakashi Simp
    Kakashi Simp 5 months ago

    Me: Meowscles!!!

  • V6 Lvcky
    V6 Lvcky 5 months ago

    When you realize they’re stalling until the end of the season

  • Solar
    Solar 5 months ago

    Question for chat: What do you think Rox’s secret was? The thing she wanted to tell skye

  • Kate Hall
    Kate Hall 5 months ago

    Fortnight idea: Skye and Brutus come back to life