George Lucas and Dave Filoni Talk The Clone Wars, Plus Anthony Daniels Stops By! Download

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  • Apr 29, 2020

  • This month on The Star Wars Show, David Collins talks Star Wars: The Clone Wars with George Lucas and Dave Filoni, we relive the iconic music of Star Wars, and we take a look at your #HomeWithYoda submissions. Plus, Anthony Daniels catches up with Andi and Anthony. Brought to you by GEICO: Watch more of The Star Wars Show at Visit Star Wars at Subscribe to Star Wars on YouTube at Like Star Wars on Facebook at Follow Star Wars on Twitter at Follow Star Wars on Instagram at Follow Star Wars on Tumblr at


  • Corpy Hogan
    Corpy Hogan 5 months ago (edited)

    “Always two there are, a master and an apprentice”

  • Alex proton
    Alex proton 5 months ago

    Dave filoni: " I learned to make movies"

  • Same as it Ever Was
    Same as it Ever Was 5 months ago

    I love how people talk about how George wouldn't like this and George would hate that and then he throws out his favorite episode is the one with the droids out in the desert. Nobody knows what George likes except George.

  • Kenneth Cha
    Kenneth Cha 5 months ago

    Therapist: Filoni without his hat can't hurt you. He isn't real.

  • Minton
    Minton 5 months ago

    George and Dave talking Clone Wars is just the thing we all need during lockdown. So excited for the finale of TCW and May the 4th!

  • PorgPrinterz 3D
    PorgPrinterz 3D 5 months ago

    George sounds more like George than he ever has.

  • YesManNomad
    YesManNomad 5 months ago (edited)

    When I hear Filoni speak, it's the anthesis of Kathleen Kennedy. There's this organic passion that just bursts out of his pores. It's so obvious he respects and admires George and the lore he created. He's a creative type, not a corporate type. Kennedy sounds like rehearsed word salad, cold and calculated to deflect any sincere criticism of what she's done to Star Wars. Ahsoka seems to be everything that Kathleen and JJ tried, and failed, to accomplish with Rey.

  • SlenderScarf335
    SlenderScarf335 5 months ago

    I wish Dave Filoni will be the new president of Lucasfilm. He’s such an amazing producer of great series of Star Wars!!

  • N LB
    N LB 5 months ago

    imagine having George Lucas as your mentor....Dave got so lucky

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 5 months ago

    The Father and his true successor, this does put a smile on my face; at least until the next episode of Clone Wars makes me cry

  • Sharkgirl94
    Sharkgirl94 5 months ago (edited)

    "Why was it important to give names to the nameless Clones?" So that Order 66 can hurt even more

  • TachankaTHICC
    TachankaTHICC 5 months ago

    Imagine if Filoni took over Star Wars instead of Kathleen Kennedy.

  • Jordan D
    Jordan D 5 months ago

    “I remember you wanted us to do an episode on banking, deregulation banking... because kids are so into that” 😂😂😂😂😂. Oh my God, that comment had me dying. Can’t believe Dave said that 😝

  • Paul Giordano
    Paul Giordano 5 months ago

    "If you can't write, you can't direct it."

  • Nicholosity
    Nicholosity 5 months ago

    Dave is the only person capable of kickstarting a new saga. He worked with George Lucas! He understands the lore and can create great stories.

  • Mac Ledram
    Mac Ledram 5 months ago

    Notice how Dave has his hat off. Shows how much respect he has for George.

    CMDRJ 5 months ago

    Dave Filoni deserves this spotlight with George Lucas. He is the true successor and should be in charge of Lucasfilms. Dave understands the things that make Star Wars great because he studied George, whereas it seems everyone else in Lucasfilms turned their backs on the one who made all of this possible.

  • Beach Hat
    Beach Hat 5 months ago

    These two should be making all Star Wars decisions

  • Mit Whit Gaming
    Mit Whit Gaming 5 months ago

    Sees George Lucas in the thumbnail.

  • ewayfiojfdhjfduogiyh
    ewayfiojfdhjfduogiyh 5 months ago

    "If you can't write the story, you can't direct the movie" - George Lucas