Cost of Living in Austria − How Expensive is Life in Austria Really? Download

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  • Dec 18, 2018

  • Cost of Living in Austria − How Expensive is Life in Austria Really? // This weeks question comes from Ella who wants to retire to Austria. What is the average Austrian salary and what are the cost of living in Austria and Wien? In this video we guide you through the different costs of living in Austria: apartment costs, food costs, internet costs etc. Learn more about housing in Vienna, how expensive is Vienna compared to San Francisco and more. Download the free ebook here: http://howtomovetoaustria.ontrapages.... If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching! LET'S CONNECT: HOMEPAGE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM:


  • Petra Boteková
    Petra Boteková 1 year ago

    Is your home coutry less or more expensive then Austria?

  • Natrialba magadii
    Natrialba magadii 1 year ago

    You can almost cut grocery costs in half if you go to Lidl/Hofer/Penny instead of Billa/Spar/Merkur.

  • Marco Mili
    Marco Mili 1 year ago

    This is really helpful! I've been thinking of moving to Austria after I finish my studies in Germany. Could you do a video on the pros and cons of living in Vienna?

  • ericka chan
    ericka chan 1 year ago

    i must watch this becouse this ciming 2020 i move austria with my future hubby

  • Orklord 666
    Orklord 666 1 year ago

    Btw you can buy you Food much cheeper in Austria - you was visiting the supermarket Billa, one of the more expensive ones in this Country ! ( belive me im from Austria )

  • Hessa Aldereih
    Hessa Aldereih 1 year ago

    Dia actually nice cause I’m traveling to Austria tomorrow 😂

  • Bogdan Vidrean
    Bogdan Vidrean 1 month ago

    Just go to Hofer, and you get the best quality for the best price: the Hofer Preis.

  • SAS Food Island
    SAS Food Island 1 year ago

    I wanna know lots of things about Austria as like please mention the name of those public universities who are getting a buisness courses and tell there semesters fees and please let me confirm that they will just take semester fees from us not monthly and at the same time please tell me that often how long the semesters is

  • Urooj Sumbal
    Urooj Sumbal 1 year ago

    Hey, I've been looking into Vienna for my bachelors and i wanted to know how expensive it is for students and the pros and cons for students to move there? Also the environment for students as i have not been able to visit the area till yet unfortunately :'(

  • exploring life
    exploring life 1 year ago

    Grocery shopping would be way cheaper in Hungary n Germany

  • Arthur Barbosa
    Arthur Barbosa 1 year ago

    30% income tax is very high, at least you get a return from the government

  • Ru S
    Ru S 1 year ago

    Hi ! Another great video! Super helpful. Would you be able to explain how public health works in Vienna for European citizens ? Is it free or do you have to pay? Thanks a lot!

  • 복지유
    복지유 1 year ago

    What a lovely video! Thank you very much for the effort and really useful information!!!

  • Leigh Parker
    Leigh Parker 1 year ago

    I enjoyed this. 3

  • Pinas_GoodTV
    Pinas_GoodTV 7 months ago

    Hello, Im a fan here. Great video. Thank you for sharing these video. This will help those who are planning to live and work or tourist in Austria. More power to your channel.

  • Simon Finch
    Simon Finch 1 year ago

    I've really fallen in Love with Austria having spent a break away traveling around the country. Very interested in the idea of moving to Austria. I would definitely need to brush up on the language. Is it hard to find work?

  • TheF22Craft
    TheF22Craft 1 year ago

    thanks for the information!

  • Elpida Kermanidou
    Elpida Kermanidou 1 month ago

    wow that was such a helpful video with so many useful websites thank you guys!!!!!

  • Ella Sterling
    Ella Sterling 1 year ago

    Thank you very much, your video was very helpful. My husband and I are traveling to Zurich in July and we plan on taking a trip up to Austria.

  • Kevin Lawrence Taylor
    Kevin Lawrence Taylor 4 months ago

    Well I just discovered you and your YouTube channel dear and I think you're doing a good job! I've lived in Southern California my whole life and I hope to get out of here someday soon! I am seriously looking into living somewhere in Europe because I know that I can have an overall better quality of life. It's interesting that you did some comparisons to San Fran in your video because that is one of THE MOST expensive places in the US to live besides Boston and NY! LOL Please continue to do your good work and don't hesitate to provide as much info as you can, I definitely appreciate it!