Clone Wars Download: "Dangerous Debt" Download

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  • Apr 6, 2020

  • Go behind the scenes of "Dangerous Debt" from the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars with executive producer Dave Filoni and other cast and crew, as they discuss Rafa's revelation, themes of the episode, and more!


  • Vince Lumontad
    Vince Lumontad 7 months ago


  • jh 64
    jh 64 7 months ago (edited)

    Please Disney and Lucasfilm reconsider to give us the complete season 7 with the unfinished episodes!!😭Give us crystal crisis, bounty hunter arc, Son of Dathomir, Dark Disciple and the Kashyyyk arc!

    HOME CRUZ 7 months ago

    Bo-Katan: This is the way.

  • No one
    No one 7 months ago

    Social question: why does rafa know ziro's name but refers to cad bane as a "red eyed alien"? I would have thought that bane was one of the best known criminals in the clone wars era

  • Grand Admiral Trooper
    Grand Admiral Trooper 7 months ago

    So Excited for the siege of mandalore

  • kostas _vougiouk5
    kostas _vougiouk5 7 months ago

    Still disappointed that we didn't get to see "cyber crisis" arc in this season

  • Jason Sacchi
    Jason Sacchi 7 months ago (edited)

    This episode starts from the beginning in the prison cell and back to the prison cell again in the end? That doesn't make any sense at all!

  • Vince Lumontad
    Vince Lumontad 7 months ago


  • Corpy Hogan
    Corpy Hogan 7 months ago

    We should have had the Utapau Arc instead of the Martez sisters adventures Lol

  • JackyStar64
    JackyStar64 7 months ago

    laughing at comments thought that episodes would downloadable

  • my SPAGHET
    my SPAGHET 7 months ago (edited)


  • KrypticElement
    KrypticElement 7 months ago

    I don't mind this arc but it's pretty annoying that we're not getting the Crystal Crisis, especially when it's basically finished

  • bingo5387
    bingo5387 7 months ago

    This arc honestly should have been two episodes and then squeezed in one of the ones people actually wanted.

  • Darth Dystopian
    Darth Dystopian 7 months ago

    Can't wait for this throw-away arc to be over

  • Chedring
    Chedring 7 months ago

    Kinda annoyed that there are only 2 important scenes that are supposed to make the episode 'worth' watching (the sisters opening up, and Bo seeing Ahsoka). It was otherwise pointless filler that could have given way to a better episode.

  • Mike Zavala
    Mike Zavala 7 months ago

    Should have went with the Boba Fett episode

  • Brandon Alston
    Brandon Alston 7 months ago

    This episode shall forever be used as a flawless example of the dreaded "filler episode"

  • Robert Sarorn
    Robert Sarorn 7 months ago

    Ursa Wren and Bo Katan 👏🏻

  • Captain Bowen
    Captain Bowen 7 months ago

    The sisters keep ruining the episodes. Hopefully the Mandalorians make it better

  • Uneducated Wombat
    Uneducated Wombat 7 months ago

    I'll probably save the data for other episodes