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  • Feb 8, 2020

  • Civilization 6 is the fantastic Turn Based Grand Strategy video game where you are tasked with leading your nation to a certain victory be it science victory, conquest victory or even an easy religious victory. It can be tricky to pull off a victory especially in multiplayer however if you manage to exploit and glitch civilization VI you can give yourself an unfair advantage against AI and rival Players. So naturally today The Spiffing Brit is going to be demonstrating an efficient way of destroying friendships by showing off if CIV 6 is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or if Unlimited Science glitch could perhaps put you at an unfair advantage... I mean surely spiff unlocking nukes before the other players have gunpowder is a rough demonstration of just how overpowered this glitch can be. So sit back and watch as the spiffing brit tests to see if Civilization 6 is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits or if the Infinite free Science is broken!! A huge thank ye to Potato Mc Whiskey for sliding this into my DMs. Check out his channel for some fantastic civ 6 glitches and mostly some great Guides for how to play the game especially the new gathering storm DLC : This video game exploit video will be jam packed with a best bits funny moments montage style of editing similar to that of Valefisk, Robbaz and RTgame. So sit back relax and grab a cup of tea to enjoy with the spiffing brit! Magestic Merch: Patreon: Twitter: @thespiffingbrit Discord: Title: CIVILIZATION 6 IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS - INFINITE SCIENCE EXPLOIT IS BROKEN!!! Last Civ6 video Title: CIVILIZATION 6 IS A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME WITH NO EXPLOITS - UNLIMITED SCIENCE GLITCH is broken! #Funny #Exploit #Civ6


  • Broken Lord Of Cinder
    Broken Lord Of Cinder 7 months ago

    Instructions very clear

  • negate3
    negate3 7 months ago

    "They're attacking our Helicopter with an Archer"

  • João Paulo Coutinho de Matos

    "They're attacking our Helicopter with an Archer"

  • Ellest11
    Ellest11 2 months ago

    "Never got a compliment from Scotland" Well I'm Scottish and I just liked your video, does that count?

  • Graham Turner
    Graham Turner 4 months ago (edited)

    NOTE: These exploits are no longer possible. The Pantheon exploit was patched in the latest update. Not even an autoclicker works for it.

  • darter9000
    darter9000 7 months ago

    Spiff: “How did that one warrior survive? I used musketman!”

  • Anonymous Greninja
    Anonymous Greninja 2 months ago

    Why is this man still legally allowed to buy video games. This guy would find a way to break Tetris if you gave him enough time.

  • Samuel Teller
    Samuel Teller 7 months ago

    "They are attacking my helicopter with an archer"

  • Sheldon Hoefft
    Sheldon Hoefft 7 months ago

    Suddenly I think the results of the Revolutionary War would be much different if the ethereal Lord Spiff actually ran Britain in the 1700's.

  • Eyecanic
    Eyecanic 6 months ago

    Other countries: You've already won, stop killing everyone!

  • insaneweasel1
    insaneweasel1 7 months ago

    Spiffing civ: how do we extremize photon emissions in a photovoltaic cell?

  • Maddy Leaman
    Maddy Leaman 6 months ago

    Essentially the Korea route is just early man finding an Eldritch corpse out in the tundra and using a shit-ton of worship to glean it’s secrets of the beyond.

  • I am a cat person
    I am a cat person 4 months ago

    "You have AKs and your enemies have jsut unlokced slingshots"

  • Tsarcastic
    Tsarcastic 3 months ago

    This is my first experience of Civilization and I like to believe it is highly representative of the game

  • Fitz 324
    Fitz 324 6 months ago

    Autohotkey is great for the pantheon exploit, here's a script for anyone that wants to try it

  • Aiden Potter
    Aiden Potter 7 months ago

    I love how all of the stock footage used in this video is watermarked with spiffco, as they are all spiff classic images.

  • Achira Lapintanont
    Achira Lapintanont 2 months ago (edited)

    just tried this with my bro....

  • Shadow Faction Dev
    Shadow Faction Dev 7 months ago

    Lootbox Gambling = "Surprise Mechanics"

  • EternalBroGamer
    EternalBroGamer 6 months ago

    I did exactly this just a couple hours ago against my friends in a multiplayer game. They didn't suspect a thing until they stumbled upon a tile of horses that gave quite a bit more production than they're meant to be giving me, then they got really suspicious as I rolled bombards in against their archers

  • O Henry
    O Henry 5 months ago