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  • Oct 13, 2017

  • TIROL AUSTRIA Thanks for watching and comments!


  • DRAGICEVIC Georges-Dorde

    Tyrol is beautiful, but your wife is not Tyrol who spoils the complete impression

  • Kalpana Roy
    Kalpana Roy 18 hours ago

    Beautiful country ❤️🤣❤️

  • HARILAL Phoenix
    HARILAL Phoenix 1 day ago


  • Ashik Molla
    Ashik Molla 1 day ago


  • Utpal Drawing Academy

    Really inspirational video. thanks

  • Maria j Soares
    Maria j Soares 1 day ago

    Belíssima música e parabéns eu amo

  • Арген Иманов

    All my life I dreamed of living in Switzerland, getting married, having children, hearing the first words of my children as they ate, they say the word PAPA and MOM. But I still dream of leaving for Switzerland, although I am a sick person, but my illness does not allow me to fulfill my dream, and it's a pity, how sorry I am, but someday GOD will smile looking at me and regret, who knows .. . who knows!

  • Olga Doblinger
    Olga Doblinger 1 day ago

    Frumusete rara, de ce nu m-am nascut in Austria😅

  • Jenny Bennavente
    Jenny Bennavente 1 day ago

    AMO, AUSTRIA..🥰🥰

  • K Z
    K Z 2 days ago

    Thanks very good work and music

  • Hamza Awan
    Hamza Awan 2 days ago

    Very beautiful

  • gowtham Aki
    gowtham Aki 2 days ago


  • Hmoob lub neej vam meej tiam 22

    Z oo kaw d i

  • Lovely
    Lovely 2 days ago

    So Nic

  • Shrey S
    Shrey S 3 days ago

    Some parts look like Hallstat

  • Vesna Djukic
    Vesna Djukic 3 days ago

    The place where I would rather live.

  • Angéla Elizabet Fodor

    Meseszép a házak virágok. Kalacshazikóra emlékeztet. Mind Erdélyi tükőrképe EWANGHELINA ELISABETH ENGYI

  • Jamini Francis
    Jamini Francis 3 days ago

    Beautiful place indeed accompany by a warm madam. Thank you.

  • Nicolò Buratti
    Nicolò Buratti 3 days ago

    I am Italian and I perfectly know my country history. In addition I have spent a lot of holidays in those places both in Italy and Austria and I complitely agree with you. However, I think that the title is misleading, especially for those people that do not know those places at all.

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan 3 days ago

    Ossmm Video Luv This