7 Reasons for No Muslims in Korea Download

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  • Feb 3, 2020

  • There will be more more 1. food 2. Alcohol culture 3. Prayer 4. Friday 5. Arabic 6. Too exotic visual 7. Thoughts on Islam


  • Marioma Mory
    Marioma Mory 7 months ago (edited)

    الدين الاسلامي " يسر وليس عسر "

  • et2k
    et2k 5 months ago

    ‏مو شرط إنك تكون لابس ثوب عندك لحية طويلة ال يوفق اللي حط لايك

  • Dear Diary
    Dear Diary 4 months ago

    Taiwanese eat a lot of pork and we like to drink too lol, my family can’t quit eating pork 😂 they and my friends are kind of shocked when I revert to Islam. You are so funny brother, a lot respect!

  • ahmad Amayem
    ahmad Amayem 5 months ago

    Dear brother l think that maybe Allah had chosen you to invite your people to Him , to His only religion , Islam. Hurry up and never get tired as everyone follow you, you will have same fee from Allah as your followers without any subtraction from any one

  • Suci Septriana
    Suci Septriana 4 months ago

    In Indonesia, Friday is a weekday too. We do our Friday pray in the break time befiore we get our lunch.

    BTS& ARMY 7 months ago

    اه لاتقلق لست مجبراً على تطويل اللحية او ارتداء الثوب او الذهاب الى اماكن الصلاة تستطيع ان تصلي في البيت ان الاسلام لن يمنعك من أي شيء الا اذا كان مُضِراً لك لان دين الاسلام هو دين السلام😍💜💜

  • ahmed boughrara
    ahmed boughrara 4 months ago

    The Messenger ﷺ says: God does not look at your images, nor your wealth, but looks at your hearts and deeds.

  • املي الله
    املي الله 5 months ago

    كلام خاطئ،

  • mohammed iraqi
    mohammed iraqi 5 months ago

    Dear friend

  • Hari Supriyanto
    Hari Supriyanto 4 months ago

    Actually there’s only one problem: Korean (or any non-muslim) not receiving completely the core message of Islam.

  • Ali
    Ali 7 months ago

    ✋ الإعلام الكذب هو السبب الرئيسي في تشويه صورة الإسلام

  • salwa B
    salwa B 4 months ago

    I think I’m the only French here 😅😂 anyway I love your videos !!!

  • lojain jalal
    lojain jalal 4 months ago (edited)

    احبك 💙

  • Lola Mustafa
    Lola Mustafa 5 months ago

    Sorry but number 6 is not true it just traditional clothes Like Saudi Arabia, they wear galabiyas because the temperature is too high but it not necessary

  • Omar Alhussin
    Omar Alhussin 5 months ago

    بالعكس هناك مسلمون في كوريا وقد اسلمو على يد بعض الجنود الأتراك المنتشرون من قوات حفظ السلام بين الكوريتين واصبح عددهم اكثر من ٣٠ الف مسلم والفضل بعد الله لهؤلاء الجنود والمسلمون موجودون في كل مكان

  • عسل عـسـٓۉٰ୭̯لـٰٚـُِْۿہ

    ‏موسى الرضيع عليه السلام "لم يغرق" وهو في قمة ضعفه

  • Norafifah Saiful Bahri
    Norafifah Saiful Bahri 5 months ago

    I love this video because I understand it! Love if you could provide English so many other people can see 🙆‍♀️ whatever it is still appreciate that you are making effort by speaking English so that people could understand. Thank you!

  • Na Cer
    Na Cer 4 months ago

    قال تعالى .:

  • Ahmed Nawar
    Ahmed Nawar 4 months ago

    We can help you every time if you need

    RAHEEMA IS HERE 1 month ago

    Thank u for this video!! I’m interested in Korean culture & I’m Muslim too! Also, I love how dedicated u are to learning Arabic & English, as well as knowing Korean! (3 languages is so talented) 💜