5 Things That Make Dua Lipa Feel Nostalgic 🥺 MTV News Download

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  • Feb 1, 2020

  • Dua Lipa (about to release her second album, 'Future Nostalgia') sits down with MTV News to share the top five things that make her feel nostalgic, like, 'Cry Me a River' by Justin Timberlake and Tamagotchis. #DuaLipa #MTVNews #FutureNostalgia Subscribe to MTV News: https://goo.gl/cXCwIK More from MTV News: Official MTV News Website: http://www.mtv.com/news/ Like MTV News: https://www.facebook.com/mtvnews Follow MTV News: https://twitter.com/mtvnews MTV News Instagram: https://instagram.com/mtvnews/ #MTVNews is your destination for music docs, celeb interviews and more!


  • jack in da box
    jack in da box 7 months ago

    She’s so gorgeous

  • Joy Herrera
    Joy Herrera 7 months ago

    I love her voice I never notice that. Her voice is sounds different when she sings. LOL

  • Andres Cevallos
    Andres Cevallos 7 months ago

    God I love her accent! I could listen to her all day

  • EddyGraphic
    EddyGraphic 7 months ago (edited)

    Her raspy voice is soooooo hot, and combined with that accent 🥵

  • J C
    J C 7 months ago

    Dua looking perfect as ever.

  • Natalie Red
    Natalie Red 7 months ago

    for me, it's the hubba bubba gum in that round packaging

  • christmemea
    christmemea 7 months ago (edited)

    the way she said PLANTS at

  • Madison Lynn
    Madison Lynn 7 months ago

    Her music is art and she’s so pretty, god bless

  • Madonna Czarna Madonna
    Madonna Czarna Madonna 7 months ago

    She s so refreshing and real compare to other stars

  • pedro amador
    pedro amador 7 months ago (edited)

    I love Dua... she makes pop music that is fun and she can deliver a vocal. Plus, the songs she releases are amazing! ❤❤

  • carson garnett
    carson garnett 7 months ago

    Dua is so beautiful 😍

  • Rushali Desai
    Rushali Desai 7 months ago

    She's so smiley she always smiles everywhere 3

  • freezy
    freezy 7 months ago

    Support the queen guys 💞

  • moonlark
    moonlark 7 months ago

    Nearly everything on this list are also nostalgic to me lol esp the powerpuff girls. I also wanted to be buttercup!

  • Marco Viola
    Marco Viola 7 months ago

    she's extremely cute.

  • •Winter Bear•
    •Winter Bear• 7 months ago

    I keep forgetting she's from England and every time I hear her voice I go "dang she's EnGlIsH???"

  • Zahra Hussain
    Zahra Hussain 7 months ago

    Her voice is UGHHHHHHHHH it’s amazing and so cute 🥺

  • David Castro
    David Castro 7 months ago

    I thought she would said "Ribs" by Lorde.

  • Tommy
    Tommy 7 months ago

    She is so so so underrated

  • Antonia Pinochet
    Antonia Pinochet 7 months ago

    😍😍😍😍 DUAAAA I LOVE YOUUU😍😍😍😍