Texans vs. Chiefs Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2020 Download

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  • Sep 10, 2020

  • The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: http://j.mp/1L0bVBu Check out our other channels: Para más contenido de la NFL en Español, suscríbete a https://www.youtube.com/nflenespanol NFL Fantasy Football https://www.youtube.com/nflfantasyfoo... NFL Vault http://www.youtube.com/nflvault NFL Network http://www.youtube.com/nflnetwork NFL Films http://www.youtube.com/nflfilms NFL Rush http://www.youtube.com/nflrush NFL Play Football https://www.youtube.com/playfootball NFL Podcasts https://www.youtube.com/nflpodcasts #NFL #Texans #Chiefs


  • Saucy Tekkers08
    Saucy Tekkers08 1 week ago

    Youtube getting real comfortable with these 15 second no skip ads

  • Robert Cable-Gonzalez

    “Limited crowd” lookin like a full bengals game

  • Cambo Fixing
    Cambo Fixing 1 week ago

    2,983,989 views when I watch this video

    DKLONGHORN 1 week ago

    Damn that rookie can run. The Chiefs will definitely be a headache for any team. Respect from a Cowboys fan.

  • Warren Courtney
    Warren Courtney 1 week ago

    Texans: "THeY RuN NoW!??

  • Collin Lynch
    Collin Lynch 1 week ago

    You notice how every time the Texans drop a pass ur thinking “Hopkins would’ve caught it”

  • PlusGameplay
    PlusGameplay 1 week ago

    JJ watt during the game: “Why didnt they just trade me too”

  • Serge A
    Serge A 1 week ago

    Chiefs: look we can also run the ball now

  • Mohsun Surti
    Mohsun Surti 1 week ago

    Chiefs "we can also run the football now."

  • superdude344
    superdude344 1 week ago

    another year of Watson being chased around because his line fails him.

  • Animal Channel
    Animal Channel 1 week ago

    Chiefs look sharp 🔥🔥

    MOTUS CINEMA 1 week ago

    They for real got a running back now....! What is this Madden ultimate team!?

  • Pittsburgh Sportscaster

    Arrowhead still sounding like it is at full capacity with the noise, great job kc fans!

  • Señor Taquito
    Señor Taquito 1 week ago

    That's it. That seals the deal. I am no longer a Texans fan. I've been a Texans fan since 2002 and a season ticket holder since 2005. I will no longer watch on TV or renew my plan. I’m taking my fanhood to Jupiter where it looks like they know how to run a football team.

  • MrBrazilliant
    MrBrazilliant 1 week ago

    I thought i was watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and then realized i was.

  • A. Weaver
    A. Weaver 1 week ago

    coaches be like... "why didnt we ever think to wear a mask instead of covering our mouths with clipboard when talking to the coordinators"

  • Andy Reid
    Andy Reid 1 week ago

    Where can I get a good double cheeseburger around here?

  • Taij Tillman
    Taij Tillman 1 week ago

    As an Alabama fan seeing Edwards-Helaire Run all over the Texans is bring back bad memories of him running over Alabama last year 😔.. Man the Chiefs now have the most complete offense I've ever seen after acquiring him in the draft which makes them even more scarier.

  • Angad Somal
    Angad Somal 1 week ago

    David Johnson is decent but not worth Hopkins

  • Josue Tejada
    Josue Tejada 1 week ago

    I didn't think the Chiefs offense could get any better. Clyde Edwards has a bright future with this offense. Hope he does good