Surprising FaZe Jarvis With 24 Gifts In 24 Hours Download

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  • Nov 20, 2020

  • We Surprised FaZe Jarvis with 24 Gifts and Presents in 24 Hours for his 19th Birthday! @Sommer Ray @FaZe Jarvis SUBSCRIBE TO FAZE KAY! @FaZe Kay Idea Credit: @TBJZL ---------------------------------------------------------------- follow me everywhere! -Instagram - @FaZeKay -Twitter - @FaZeKay ---------------------------------------------------------------- Business Contact - ----------------------------------------------------------------


  • FaZe Jarvis
    FaZe Jarvis 6 days ago

    Best birthday ever holyyyy❤️

  • YouTube
    YouTube 4 days ago

    This is! Happy Birthday, Jarvis!

  • Carter Sharer
    Carter Sharer 4 days ago

    This was awesome! Happy birthday bro

  • MrCrazy
    MrCrazy 5 days ago

    - Wait, I'm watching this because trending

  • Clinique Flo MD
    Clinique Flo MD 1 day ago

    Faze Kay: gets Jarvis a lambo.

  • Tristin
    Tristin 5 days ago (edited)

    A hot maid helping him “clean” up his room for 30 minutes, quite the start

  • ItsVoyd_
    ItsVoyd_ 3 days ago

    Kay is literally the nicest brother ever imagine spending that much money on your bro now that’s what u call a goat

  • Max Pickin
    Max Pickin 4 days ago

    Kay spends thousands of dollars on his birthday

  • Ирина Никодимцева

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  • anonymous
    anonymous 23 hours ago

    "money can't buy happines" said by a rich human

  • Solar VK
    Solar VK 3 days ago

    FaZe Kay’s wallet: hehe I’m in danger

  • Toxic Gaming
    Toxic Gaming 1 day ago

    Jarvis has a very good Brother mate God bless you all.❤️❤️

  • Fruit
    Fruit 3 days ago

    When Hannah was walking with sommer she looked so sad like I wanted this for me 😿

  • Delvo
    Delvo 1 week ago

    Happy Birthday Jarvis!!! Hope U Enjoy It!!

  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior Rodriguez 1 day ago

    POV in 2 months:

  • NFS- TFighter110
    NFS- TFighter110 1 day ago

    This is how many people with Jarvis a Happy Birthday 🎉

  • Mrb0tmuch
    Mrb0tmuch 1 day ago

    Hanna “I know you love to smash stuff” lmao

  • Nick Froese
    Nick Froese 1 day ago

    Whoever counts how many times they said yoooo or broooo is awesome

  • dangmattsmith
    dangmattsmith 5 days ago

    Ayeee Happy Birthday Jarvis!! 24 gifts lessss gooooo

  • Snoeyy
    Snoeyy 1 day ago

    imagine getting a lambo and not having a license lol