Shooting a video - My 9to5 Download

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  • Sep 14, 2020

  • How my 9to5 looks like when we are filming video. This time we wanted to shoot a commercial for my new signature line with POC. It kind of worked... ►Get the POC x Fabio Wibmer protection products here: ► Subscribe for more monthly videos/ Hier abonnieren: ►You can also follow me on: Facebook: Instagram: (@wibmerfabio) Snapchat: (@wibmerfabio) ► Music by Musicbed With my link you can get a 30-day free trial to try the best music for your videos! Cheers, Fabio *don't take this video too serious


  • Fabio Wibmer
    Fabio Wibmer 1 week ago

    Filming with my crew ain't too easy haha

  • Rémy Métailler
    Rémy Métailler 1 week ago

    Ahaha awesome dude. Super fun!

  • Red Bull Bike
    Red Bull Bike 6 days ago

    That one 9 to 5 has more flips in it than our 24/365 😅🔥

  • RFL
    RFL 2 days ago

    Everyone who thinks he has a stunt double, it was a joke

  • Nightcat04 - Gaming & mehr

    Videotitel: Englisch

  • Jemand Beispiel
    Jemand Beispiel 1 week ago

    Fabio: Makes a backflip of a burm...

  • Quansten
    Quansten 1 week ago

    What happened to Elias? Havent seen him in a while

  • 1 Sub?
    1 Sub? 1 week ago

    Fun fact :

  • Calum Sutherland
    Calum Sutherland 1 week ago

    Did we get this Director from aliexpress lmao

  • Warmachine096
    Warmachine096 5 days ago

    is anyone else noticing that this vid is Exactly 10 mins?

  • der frederic
    der frederic 1 week ago


  • Kleonikos Droumtsekas

    How can you believe there's a dude that this guy has a stunt double lool😂😂😂

  • HK15
    HK15 1 week ago

    Just take a „Here before 1 millionen“ Ticket

  • Haymin Official
    Haymin Official 1 week ago

    Idola Aing🤩

  • AJE Barr SNM
    AJE Barr SNM 5 days ago

    I didn't know André Schürrle was a friend of fabio

  • YaBoiJJ
    YaBoiJJ 1 week ago

    Every wondered what the behind the scenes of the Behind The Scenes looked like?

  • Edwin Jansen
    Edwin Jansen 3 days ago

    "Lecks mir" does not translate into "Leave me alone". Unless you have of course the 'politically correct'-filter running.

  • Rohan Insane
    Rohan Insane 6 days ago

    Yesterday I just applied brakes of my back tyres..and my cycle slips ...

  • Tobias Ully
    Tobias Ully 1 week ago

    "Leck mi" zu "get out of here"😂😂

  • JC
    JC 6 days ago

    Omg freaking hilarious 😂