Alexander Zverev vs Dominic Thiem | US Open 2020 Final Download

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  • Sep 13, 2020

  • Alexander Zverev takes on Dominic Thiem in the final of the US Open 2020. Don't miss a moment of the US Open! Subscribe now!


  • US Open Tennis Championships

    We'll bring you extended highlights as soon as our broadcast restrictions expire!

  • Jason Rebello
    Jason Rebello 2 weeks ago

    The most civilised crowd in US Open history.

  • Sebastian Walter
    Sebastian Walter 2 weeks ago

    Dominic's such a cool dude. I remember once he came by my mothers hair salon a few months ago when he was at home. They've talked, had a few laughs, my mom cut his hair and suddenly she went something like "So, Dominic what do you do exactly?" He replied "I play tennis."

    KDBBM 2 weeks ago

    Well deserved by Thiem.

  • Esta Subtitulado
    Esta Subtitulado 1 week ago

    Massú changed Thiem's career. He's a new player. And a better one

  • Matt Suddarth
    Matt Suddarth 2 weeks ago

    I hated Zverev before this tournament, but he's really shown a lot of maturity throughout. This feels like a major turning point for him.

  • john anderson
    john anderson 2 weeks ago

    Federer: I blew a lead in a major final last year

  • geoff N
    geoff N 2 weeks ago

    Thiem deserves it. Won't be his last Open title I reckon; he's the future, along with Tsitsipas and Zverev.

  • Human Entity
    Human Entity 2 weeks ago

    Zverev: 15 aces/15 double faults, Thiem: 8 aces/8 double faults.

  • Jagadish Sagi
    Jagadish Sagi 2 weeks ago

    Thiem's experience of beating Nadal and Zverev in AO 2020 in Tie breaks and Medvedev in USO 2020 in tie breaks really helped him over here in the final set.

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 2 weeks ago

    I was pretty conflcited here. Part of me wanted Thiem to win, due to him nearing 30 years old. However, another part of me wanted Zverev to win his first slam, so that he coould silence the haters who gave him flack for his mental fragility.

  • Lunny520 L
    Lunny520 L 2 weeks ago

    Both needed this. Thiem needed to validate his efforts in Finals he came up short in. Zverev needed this lesson for him to reach his true potential. Both should use this to make them incredible mentally strong moving forward.

  • Tobias Troppmair
    Tobias Troppmair 1 week ago

    Funfact: Thiem did not win a set in his girst GS Final, one in his second, two in his third and now in his fourth finally three. 🇦🇹🇦🇹🎾

  • Alex Explorer
    Alex Explorer 2 weeks ago

    So happy for Thiem, finally got his first grand slam titel. This is the result for his consistency Congratulations for Thiem from Indonesia👍🎉🏆

  • Zeus
    Zeus 2 weeks ago

    Was this an actual tennis match or a movie script? I think it's a movie script 😂

  • Mr Shapik
    Mr Shapik 2 weeks ago (edited)

    Before match: "Easy 3:0 for Thiem"

  • gameshelper1000
    gameshelper1000 2 weeks ago

    Such an amazing final, my heart was suffering! Just wanna say to the us open youtube team to make longer highlights please! 4 minutes with 4 hours...

  • Arthur Zhu
    Arthur Zhu 2 weeks ago

    I can't imagine the emotional rollercoasters those coaches had to ride!

  • Aman Lamba
    Aman Lamba 2 weeks ago

    Key highlights of the match :

  • jboww2121
    jboww2121 2 weeks ago

    this match was SURREAL, the plot was out of a movie, so happy thiem finally won his big title after losing the 4 big finals he’s been in. he’s out in the work and it finally paid off. congrats Dominator!